From Bad to Worse to Best in Class: A Refugee's Success Story

From Bad to Worse to Best in Class: A Refugee's Success Story

By Hao Lam

Forced to leave war-torn Vietnam, Hao Lam found the determination to succeed against all odds.


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Book Information

Publisher: Hl Media, LLC
Publish Date: 04/27/2018
Pages: 218
ISBN-13: 9780999891902
ISBN-10: 0999891901
Language: English

Full Description

Hao Lam wasn't always interested in making smart choices. As a kid in Saigon, he was more focused on getting into (or out of) trouble than planning for his future. Then the war ended, and everything changed. With his very life at stake, Lam had to grow up--and learn fast.

An inspiring tale of audacity and perseverance, hardship and personal growth, From Bad to Worse to Best in Class takes readers on one man's voyage from war-torn Vietnam to a new life in North America, from penniless refugee to successful businessman.

Essential reading for aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, dedicated educators, and lifelong learners, Lam's story is a lesson on finding the internal compass that leads to success--even when the journey there seems impossible.

About the Author

Hao Lam is the owner of Best in Class Education Center, a franchise of education centers devoted to the success of teachers, students, and franchisees.

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