From the Outhouse to the Mouse House: Crap You Need to Know for a Dream-Come-True Career

From the Outhouse to the Mouse House: Crap You Need to Know for a Dream-Come-True Career

By Eva Steortz

"After spending summers in rural West Virginia in her youth, the author enjoyed a twenty-year dream-come-true career as an executive at the Walt Disney Company. Inspired to share her experiences to help others, she created this book of career empowerment. She provides proactive ways to deal with issues such as long hours and the dreaded "reorganization" while reminding readers to be true to themselves and never give up on being the person they wanted to be when they grew up"--.


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Book Information

Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company
Publish Date: 10/04/2018
Pages: 80
ISBN-13: 9781455623990
ISBN-10: 1455623997
Language: English

Full Description

From a small-town girl dreaming big in West Virginia to a Walt Disney executive in California, Eva Steortz truly lived out her own modern Cinderella story. After college, Steortz moved across the country on a whim to seek better opportunities, answered a job ad for Disney in a leap of faith, and progressed from assistant manager to vice president, eventually starting her own company, Vita Creativa. Mining from her own experiences, Steortz crafts a fun, relatable, and actionable career-advice book based on her much-lauded RPM formula--Relationships, Positivity, and Motivation.
Designed more like a keynote presentation than a daunting textbook, Steortz's compelling career manual is easy to read in less than one hour. Steortz provides important tips, ideas, reminders, and quotes to inspire your next move!

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