Heart Land: A Place Called Ockley Green

Heart Land: A Place Called Ockley Green

By Caroline Miller

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Growing up in an Ohio Farming community at the end of the Depression, twelve-year-old Oliver Larson lives in the quilt patch world of youthful hijinks and adult wariness over the prospect of a second world war.


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Book Information

Publisher: Rutherford Classics
Publish Date: 05/15/2017
Pages: 178
ISBN-13: 9780998169705
ISBN-10: 0998169706
Language: English

Full Description

Heart Land is a fictional memoir of a bright and reckless boy growing up in rural Ohio in 1939, a the close of the Depression and before American's entrance into World War II.

Ockley Green is a Sleepy farming community where a kid with an active imagination is as likely to convince his younger brother that monsters are under the bed as he is to learn from the men wo gather at the local diner to talk crops and politics.

In this safe world, Oliver Larson makes mistakes and learns about taking responsibility - important lessons in the making of a man.

Instruction begins when Bodacious Scurvy, the town's notorious alley cat, crosses Oliver's path and give him and idea.

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