Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Veteran entrepreneur and former Kodak CMO, Jeffrey Hayzlett knows what it takes to go from zero to hero in a world where every leader, business, and brand is held accountable by their customers and employees. Designed to challenge readers to examine their own values and behaviors, The Hero Factor shines a light on what happens to companies when their values no longer align with their mission and helps them transform their organizations as they learn to live the values they preach.


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Book Information

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
Publish Date: 12/04/2018
Pages: 220
ISBN-13: 9781599186368
ISBN-10: 1599186365
Language: English

Full Description

It's not profit over people that will make your business successful--it's when you combine people and profits that you become A HERO LEADER

Today's leaders need to engage, connect with, listen to and include their employees and customers in the conversation surrounding the business. The Hero Factor discusses the importance of a strong company culture as the backbone of any successful business. Companies with leadership that dismisses the importance of transparency in today's world are more likely to be called out for not living up to the mission statements on their websites.

Dive in and learn how to implement the traits that will help them become a hero entrepreneur, change their organization, live their values, and create a winning culture where they:

  • Invest in people as a path to more inclusion
  • Recast the role of business leadership beyond politics
  • Serve others/the common good
  • Avoid failure, reasons why not, and the lure of the dark side when things get tough
  • Know the line between hero and martyr
  • Create the next generation of hero leaders

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