Joy Choice: How to Finally Achieve Lasting Changes in Eating and Exercise

The Joy Choice: How to Finally Achieve Lasting Changes in Eating and Exercise

By Michelle Segar

"Brain-based solution to making consistent healthy choices and ability to make sustainable changes."--


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Book Information

Publisher: Hachette Go
Publish Date: 04/26/2022
Pages: 256
ISBN-13: 9780306826078
ISBN-10: 0306826070
Language: English

Full Description

Learn to live a happier and healthier life with the help of this book--start changing behaviors and create new habits using fun and easy science-based solutions.

What if you could easily and joyfully resolve the in-the-moment conflicts that often derail your eating and exercise goals? Much of what we've been taught about creating change in eating and exercise is simplistic, outdated, and for many, misguided. Sustainable-behavior-change researcher and lifestyle coach Michelle Segar has devoted decades to the study of how to achieve lasting changes in eating and exercise and other self-care behaviors. Segar explains the surprising reasons why our eating and exercise plans so often crash when they come up against real life. She calls these conflicts "choice points," and shows that they are the real place of power for achieving lasting changes in eating and exercise.The Joy Choice offers a fresh, brain-based solution that turns the old behavior-change paradigm on its head. This groundbreaking book liberates you from the self-defeating obligations and rigid requirements of past diet and workout regimens and reveals what emerging research suggests really drives the consistent choices that power sustainable change. Designed from cutting-edge decision science and real-world experience coaching clients, you'll discover the easy, flexible, and three-step joy-infused decision tool that works with the chaos of daily life, guiding you to finally achieve and maintain your eating and exercise goals once and for all--and enjoy doing it!

"One of the best health books of 2022"--Washington Post

"If you want a smart, science-based, and joyful approach to sustainable behavior change, start here." ―Tom Rath, NYT bestselling author of Eat Move Sleep and StrengthsFinder 2.0

"The Joy Choice...reveals easy and fun ways to stay consistent with our health goals, while still tending to the meaningful people and demands in our lives."―Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D., NYT bestselling co-author of The Whole-Brain Child and author of The Bottom Line for Baby

"If you're frustrated with your progress in exercising and eating right, this book is for you. Michelle Segar shifts the focus...toward a new approach to our choices that is full of humanity, imperfection, and, yes, joy." ―Daniel H. Pink, NYT bestselling author of The Power of Regret and Drive

About the Author

Michelle Segar, PhD, MPH, MS, author of No Swe at, is an award-winning, NIH funded sustainable-behavior-change researcher at the University of Michigan and a lifestyle coach.

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