Lavash: The Bread That Launched 1,000 Meals, Plus Salads, Stews, and Other Recipes from Armenia

Lavash: The Bread That Launched 1,000 Meals, Plus Salads, Stews, and Other Recipes from Armenia

By Kate Leahy and Ara Zada

An ode to Armenian food and culture that is part cookbook, part travelogue, and part lookbook of tempting food and atmospheric photography. More than 60 recipes--arranged by course--cover authentic breads and everything to eat with them, from soups and salads to mains and sweets.nd sweets.


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Book Information

Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publish Date: 10/29/2019
Pages: 248
ISBN-13: 9781452172651
ISBN-10: 145217265X
Language: English

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June 26, 2020

Cookbook Roundup: Bread

Book Review by Blyth Meier

Ten of the best recent-ish bread cookbooks feature choices for every level of baker, from the very new to the most experienced. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

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An ode to Armenian food and culture, and the UNESCO-recognized bread of Armenia, Lavash. This cookbook not only reveals how to make the ubiquitous and doable flatbread lavash, the UNESCO-recognized bread of Armenia, but also shares 60+ recipes of what to eat with it, from soups and salads to hearty stews paired with lots of fresh herbs. Stunning photography and essays provide an insider's look at Armenia, a small but fascinating country comprising dramatic mountains, sun-drenched fields, and welcoming people. With influences from the Middle East and the Mediterranean as well as from Russia, the food of Armenia is the next cuisine to explore for people who want to dig deeper into the traditions formed at the crossroads between the East and West. Fans of cookbook best sellers like Yotam Ottolenghi's Jerusalem and Ottolenghi will love exploring the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Russian influences in Lavash. - For both armchair travelers and home cooks, this recipe book is as enticing in the reading as its recipes are to the palate
- With growing interest in fermentation and the medical benefits of a Mediterranean diet, Armenian food offers a new take on healthy cookbooks and cooking.

About the Authors

Kate Leahy is a San Francisco chef turned journalist. She has written ten books, including A16 Food + Wine , the IACP cookbook of the year. She is also the co-author of La Buvette: Recipes and Wine Notes from Paris and The New Italian Wine.

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Ara Zada is a chef, recipe developer, and television personality. He lives in Los Angeles. John Lee is a food and lifestyle photographer who shoots regularly for the San Francisco Chronicle.

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