Leadership Transformed

Peter Fuda

Dr. Peter Fuda answers the question: what makes certain leaders so much more successful than others. After studying CEOs who had dramatically succeeded at transforming themselves, their leadership teams, and their organizations, he outlines seven leadership metaphors that can create significant, lasting improvements in any organization.


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Book Information

Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publish Date: 10/18/2016
Pages: 242
ISBN-13: 9781477800805
ISBN-10: 1477800808
Language: English

Full Description

How does a good manager become a great leader? Ask around in business circles and you ll get a thousand different answers. But now, internationally renowned leadership expert Dr. Peter Fuda has created a single, coherent roadmap for leadership effectiveness in "Leadership Transformed.
After more than a decade s research and practice, Dr. Fuda shares the seven common themes that have enabled hundreds of CEOs around the world to transform themselves into highly effective leaders, and transform the performance of their organizations as well. Through his work, Dr. Fuda discovered that the best way to elicit deep and broad discussion of the seven leadership themes and to describe the CEOs mastery of what they had learned was through metaphor.
Fire motivational forces that initiate and sustain transformation efforts.
Snowball mutual accountability, and the consequent momentum that occurs when a critical mass of leaders commit to shared leadership principles.
Master Chef leadership frameworks, tools, and strategies that can be artfully deployed.
Coach how a coaching staff can collectively help leaders achieve their aspirations.
Mask leaders can shed the heavy burden of wearing a mask in favor of a more congruent best self.
Movie leaders can develop critical capabilities of self-awareness and reflection.
Russian Dolls how a leader s personal journey can align with the journeys of his or her colleagues and organization."

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