Literary Chickens Field Journal Notebook, 100 pages/50 sheets, 4x6

Literary Chickens Field Journal Notebook, 100 pages/50 sheets, 4x6

By Poetose Press

The cover of this beautiful 4" x 6" 100-page field journal / field notebook / field book / memo book / pocket notebook features a lovely and whimsical illustration of three literary chickens by artist Sara Zieve Miller.


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Book Information

Publisher: Poetose Press
Publish Date: 01/18/2020
Pages: 102
ISBN-13: 9781646721542
ISBN-10: 1646721543
Language: English

Full Description

The cover of this beautiful little 4" x 6" 100-page notebook features a lovely and whimsical illustration of three literary chickens -- chickens reading upon clouds against a starry, dreamy deep blue background -- by artist Sara Zieve Miller. A testament to earthbound flight, the power of imagination, and the wonderful creature that is the chicken. This notebook is part of the Poetose Press Literary Creatures Notebook Series.

  • SMALL SIZE: This "field journal" is essentially a cute small notebook, a little memo book, measuring 4x6 inches. The journal can fit in a large pocket such as the back pocket of a pair of jeans or coat pocket, so is perfect for those peripatetic souls who love a good walk or travel.
  • BLANK AND BEAUTIFUL: Each notebook contains 100 completely blank, UNLINED pages (50 sheets). It is made to be simple and elegant, as many find that lines in a notebook can be restrictive. Completely blank pages allow for drawing and doodles, and different-sized handwriting. Please note this notebook is NOT for the ambitious artist. The high-quality paper allows for writing with pencil and pen, but is not made to withstand heavy watercolors, gouache, etc.
  • WHAT IS A FIELD JOURNAL? This "field journal" might also be referred to as a field notebook, field book, memo book, or pocket notebook. Whatever you want to call it, think of it as a little blank memo book or pocket notebook for your daily to-do lists, "field notes," and important matters you want to take note of. Make the most of life by taking note of and remembering it!
  • BEAUTIFUL COVER: Field notes notebook covers were never so specific before. Our notebooks feature beautiful vintage antique maps of cities, countries, and the world, as well as beloved artwork we hope will connect with lovers of geography, cartography, and the great artists of the past and our time.
  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU: If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, please be in direct touch with us by email and you will receive a full refund. Occasionally notebook pages get damaged in shipping and we do NOT want you to be stuck with an item you are unsatisfied with.

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