Love Your Imposter: Be Your Best Self, Flaws and All

Love Your Imposter: Be Your Best Self, Flaws and All

By Rita Clifton

Find out from one of the most successful business women of their generation on how to deal with imposter syndrome, feel truly prepared in the workplace alongside building your own personal brand.


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Book Information

Publisher: Kogan Page
Publish Date: 09/29/2020
Pages: 296
ISBN-13: 9781789667035
ISBN-10: 1789667038
Language: English

Full Description

Studies show that a massive 70% of people feel like an imposter at some point in their professional life. Brand guru and former Chair of Interbrand, Rita Clifton, shares how she learnt to work with her imposter self rather than hide from it in order to succeed in her career.

Imposter syndrome can cause a constant fear of being found out that you aren't 'good enough' or called out for being a 'fraud'. It impacts people in different ways and can be debilitating and negatively affect relationships, personal life and careers. So what can you do about it?

Love Your Imposter shows you how to take on your imposter self and use it as a driver to come out stronger. Using practical down-to-earth advice based on her experiences, Rita Clifton, tackles the myth that you need to 'fake it until you make it', highlights why authenticity can be your biggest weapon and skilfully makes the case for business being more humane.

About the Author

Rita Clifton CBE is the former Vice Chair and Strategy Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, was London CEO and then Chair at the global brand consultancy, Interbrand, for 15 years.

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