Marketing Flexology: How to Outsmart Change and Future-proof Your Career

Marketing Flexology: How to Outsmart Change and Future-proof Your Career

By Engelina Jaspers

Marketing Flexology is a practical and proven step-by-step guide for creating a resilient and dynamic marketing capability that can withstand fluctuations, change, and daily crisis. Engelina Jaspers shares a proprietary framework, business examples, practical tips, and 30-years of experience on the front lines of numerous Fortune global companies.


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Book Information

Publisher: Flex Pro Media
Publish Date: 10/16/2018
Pages: 180
ISBN-13: 9781732015401
ISBN-10: 1732015406
Language: English

Full Description

Riding the reinvention rollercoaster--with its ups and downs, unexpected twists and turns, and blood-curdling screams--is a choice, but not a requirement.

A management change, new competitor, market consolidation, acquisition or divestiture, disappointing quarter or new business direction can disrupt our best-laid plans. How we respond to unexpected upheaval can determine our success or failure.

In Marketing Flexology: How to Outsmart Change and Future-proof Your Career, marketing veteran Engelina Jaspers shows you step-by-step how to build a marketing capability that can withstand any business fluctuation, management change or crisis du jour. Through a time-tested, proprietary, and proven framework, dozens of business examples, practical tips, and thirty-years of personal experience on the front lines of numerous Fortune global companies, Engelina shares the essential components for modern marketing success.

Success today requires a 24/7 lifeline to real-time customer insight, and the marketing agility to execute on that insight faster than our competitors. Success also requires a new management capability. With Marketing Flexology you'll get:

  • A step-by-step process to kick your marketing, your team and your career into high gear
  • Real-world examples to become an insight machine and accelerate customer decision making
  • Actionable steps to sharpen your creativity and break through the dwindling supply of consumer attention
  • The underlying foundation, four dials, and five surefire tools of a dynamic and resilient marketing organization that can withstand change, disruption and transformation
  • Time-tested and proven strategies to outsmart change and future-proof your career
  • A week-by-week guide and ninety-day challenge to transition to a Marketing Flexology mindset and toolset

Don't waste another good crisis by being unprepared. It's time to future-proof your career, your team, and your marketing platform.


"Kodak, Nokia, BlackBerry and many other famous brands have lost their luster because they were resistant to change. A dose of Marketing Flexology could have saved them." Al Ries, author, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

"Whether you are marketing a brand, a company or yourself, Engelina Jaspers' insights are smart, informed and can be put to work right away. If you dare to succeed, put Marketing Flexology at the top of your books to read." David Sable Global CEO, Y&R

"Engelina Jaspers has written a must-read for marketers searching for strategies and an action plan to embrace and embolden change within their organizations and throughout their career...Read this book - and learn from one of the best." Chris Curtin, Chief Brand Officer, Visa

"Engelina Jaspers redefines the role of marketing in today's customer-centric hyper-speed world. If you want to keep ahead of disruption, Marketing Flexology will show you how." Vyomesh (VJ) Joshi, CEO and President, 3D Systems

"A very thoughtful and, at the same time, a very practical gem of a book on how to reposition marketing from listening and learning to high-speed execution and iteration. What will matter most in the future is agility and insights. Marketing Flexology is a must read for those who are experiencing uncertainty and rapid change." Jagdish N. Sheth, Ph.D., Charles Kellstadt Professor of Marketing, Emory University

About the Author

Over a thirty-year corporate career, Engelina Jaspers experienced her share of revolving-door CEOs, business course-corrections, and multiple reinventions.

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