Men I Trust

Men I Trust

By Tommi Parrish

Tommi Parrish's sophomore graphic novel establishes them as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary literature.


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Book Information

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
Publish Date: 11/22/2022
Pages: 208
ISBN-13: 9781683966500
ISBN-10: 1683966503
Language: English

What We're Saying

June 01, 2023

LGBTQIA+ Pride Month is as much about celebrating and making a very large community visible as it is about protecting human rights. The books we’re highlighting here do both.  READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Full Description

2023 LA Times Book Prize NOMINEE, Graphic Novel/Comics

Eliza is a thirtysomething struggling single mother and poet. Sasha, a twentysomething yearning for direction in life, just moved back in with her parents and dabbles as a sex worker. The two strike up an unlikely friendship that, as it veers toward something more, becomes a deeply resonant exploration of how far people are wil-ling to go to find intimacy in a society that is increasingly not conducive to it.

In Sasha and Eliza, Parrish has created two of the most fully realized characters in recent contemporary fiction. Parrish's gorgeously painted pages showcase a graceful understanding of body language and ear for dialogue, brilliantly using the medium of comics to depict the dissonance between the characters' interior and exterior experiences. Men I Trust is about not-always-healthy people attempting to make healthy connections in a disconnected world, and is one of the most moving and insightful works of literary fiction in any medium this year.

About the Author

Tommi Parrish (b. 1989, Melbourne) is a trans Australian cartoonist and painter living in Western Massachusetts. Their debut work, The Lie and How We Told It , won the 2019 Lambda Literary Award for the best LGBTQ graphic novel, was nominated for the Ignatz award, was featured in many best of 2018 lists, and translated into 11 languages worldwide.

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