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Monoculture: How One Story Is Changing Everything

F. S. Michaels

Michaels draws on extensive research and makes surprising connections among disciplines to take a big-picture look at how the narrowing of diversity and creation of a monoculture--or one story--is changing everything.


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Book Information

Publisher: Red Clover
Publish Date: 05/31/2011
Pages: 202
ISBN-13: 9780986853807
ISBN-10: 0986853801
Language: English

Full Description

Winner of the 2011 NCTE George Orwell Award for outstanding contributions to the critical analysis of public discourse. One of The Atlantic's Top 11 Philosophy/Psychology Books of 2011 As human beings, we've always told stories: stories about who we are, where we come from, and where we're going. Now imagine that one of those stories is taking over the others, narrowing our diversity and creating a monoculture. Because of the rise of the economic story, six areas of your world - your work, your relationships with others and the environment, your community, your physical and spiritual health, your education, and your creativity - are changing, or have already changed, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. And because how you think shapes how you act, the monoculture isn't just changing your mind - it's changing your life. "I found myself reading non-stop, underlining like astute explanation about what I've been feeling recently, something I couldn't put my finger on... Michaels] writes in clear, energetic prose that's thoughtful, engaging and unforced. She defines and analyzes without judgment or insistence...a breath of fresh air..." - NPR Ohio "...a singularly brilliant and accessible analysis of some of the fundamental assumptions and driving principles of our time." - Comment Magazine "...a single lucid narrative that's bound to first make you somewhat uncomfortable and insecure, then give you the kind of pause from which you can step back and move forward with more autonomy, authenticity and mindfulness than ever." - The Atlantic "5 stars: The cause and effect of our world is more surprising than you'd think. With intriguing notions about the driving ideas of stories in every shape of our life, "Monoculture" is an incredibly fascinating way about how the mind works and today's consumer culture." - Midwest Book Review "If you just read one book this year, read this one." - BuriedInPrint blog "A smart and realistic guide to first recognizing the monoculture and the challenges of transcending its limitations." - "A thin, enrapturing gem. It's accessible, sensible--exactly the sort of book that should have (and still could + should ) take off and create a tiny little dent in books." - Kenyon Review

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