Murdoch: Revised and Updated (Rev & Updated)

Murdoch: Revised and Updated (Rev & Updated)

By William Shawcross

It was Rupert Murdoch who invented the modern media empire. Now his reach includes two thirds of the Earth's population. In this revised and updated edition, William Shawcross brings Murdoch's story up to date. "Of all the biographies on Murdoch, this is the most comprehensive and balanced and comes closest to explaining a bundle of contradictions".


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Book Information

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publish Date: 07/02/1997
Pages: 496
ISBN-13: 9780684830155
ISBN-10: 0684830159
Language: English

Full Description

Rupert Murdoch invented the modern global information empire. His relentless determination and daring and his repeated willingness to bet the balance sheet in order to acquire more newspapers, television stations, satellite networks, cable systems and publishing houses have been amply rewarded: Murdoch's information empire now reaches two thirds of the world's population, making him one of the most powerful men on earth. In this revised edition of his classic 1993 biography, William Shawcross updates the story of Murdoch's battles to extend his electronic "footprint" around the globe.

About the Author

William Hartley Hume Shawcross is a writer and commentator, and a former Chairman of the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

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