My Name is Steve Delano Bullock: How I Changed My World and The World Around Me Through Leadership,

My Name is Steve Delano Bullock: How I Changed My World and The World Around Me Through Leadership, Caring, and Perseverance

By Steve D Bullock

As Acting President of the American Red Cross, Steve D. Bullock culminated 38 years with the organization. This included: CEO of the Greater Cleveland Chapter and State Coordinating Manager for Ohio; as well as Executive Director of the St. Paul, Minnesota Area Chapter and Manager of the Minnesota Wisconsin Division.


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Book Information

Publisher: Atkins & Greenspan Writing
Publish Date: 02/09/2018
Pages: 300
ISBN-13: 9781945875267
ISBN-10: 1945875267
Language: English

Full Description

Steve D. Bullock was one of 22 children born to a sharecropper in segregated North Carolina...

And rose to become the first African American President of the American Red Cross.

Now his book chronicles how his "Four Pillars" of God, Family, Education, and Career elevated him to a position to uplift humankind on a global scale.

He did that when personally hauling giant sacks of rice to Hurricane victims in Honduras... delivering aid to refugees in Bosnia... and providing resources for Americans stricken by floods, fires, tornadoes, and other tragedies.

Now his book can serve as a blueprint to empower your success in business and in life.

"I intend to add value to your life by presenting strategies for managing and overcoming the challenges and barriers that all of us encounter in the pursuit of our life's goals, including those involving gender bias, poverty, education, racism, youth, and aging," Steve writes in the Introduction of his powerful memoir.

"Throughout my career," he writes, "I have worked with people from all walks of life, and this book is written for everyone... In doing so, I pray that the stories, lessons, and life achievement strategies on the following pages will help you discover your potential and power within, so you can, as Emerson so eloquently said, make miracles happen for yourself and the world.

The proud father and grandfather is celebrating 56 years of marriage to Doris Bullock, whom he met in 1956 at Virginia Union University, an HBCU where he serves on the Board of Trustees.

As CEO of The Bullock Group, which provides consulting for businesses and non-profits, Steve teaches his self-styled model of defining and evaluating "Purpose, Preparation, Performance, and Results" when setting and working toward personal and professional goals.

You can read about this success formula in My Name Is Steve Delano Bullock: How I Changed My World and The World Around Me Through Leadership, Caring and Perseverance.

About the Author

Elizabeth Ann Atkins is a best-selling author, actress, TV host and award-winning journalist who uses a multimedia platform to inspire people to unlock their infinite potential and live with passion, prosperity, health and happiness. Elizabeth's desire to empower others springs from a trailblazing matrix of colorblind love and courage from her mother, an African American and Italian judge, and her father, a former Roman Catholic priest who was English, French Canadian and Cherokee.

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