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Neurological Assessment of the Preterm & Full-Term Newborn Infant (Revised)

Lilly M S Dubowitz, Eugenio Mercuri, Victor Dubowitz

A new edition of this popular and practical manual provides well-illustrated administration guidelines alongside some useful tool developments.


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Book Information

Publisher: Mac Keith Press
Publish Date: 12/14/2011
Pages: 167
ISBN-13: 9781898683155
ISBN-10: 1898683158
Language: English

Full Description

This is the second edition of the manual describing a popular and practical tool for the clinical neurological examination of the newborn. In addition to a number of developments on the original scheme in the light of clinical and research experience, this edition also facilitates the recording and performance of the examination by providing clear information on its administration, aided by illustrative diagrams. A new feature is the inclusion of scoring tables at the back of the book. Other sections include a simplified version of the examination suited to inexperienced staff, applicable both for screening and for use in developing countries, and a revised proforma which may be used for the follow-up of infants beyond the neonatal period. There is also a new section describing clinical patterns in newborns with brain lesions and their correlation with imaging and neurological findings.

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