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The New Employee Manual: A No-Holds-Barred Look at Corporate Life

Benjamin Gilad, Mark Chussil

This is a bare-knuckled, reality-based, tough-love book about real life at a large company. Rather than contribute to the list of career books on the shelves today (you know the ones that are full of inspirational messages, telling you to change your life, influence people, and network until you drop), Gilad and Chussil share research-backed strategies for competing and surviving in a dysfunctional corporate culture.


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Book Information

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
Publish Date: 03/19/2019
Pages: 368
ISBN-13: 9781599186429
ISBN-10: 159918642X
Language: English

Full Description

Welcome to Corporate Life.

The NEW Employee Manual is not your Dad's or Mom's employee manual. It's the new playbook for corporate survival, fitting today's realities and the challenges facing employees who join or work in large, seemingly successful companies. Those companies already issued very specific and detailed employee manuals covering everything under the sun except how to compete well in our brave new world. The NEW Employee Manual will help you navigate the Corporate (with a capital C) labyrinth. Where Corporate's manual shapes you into a dutiful cog for the good of the machine, ours helps you enhance your career for the good of, well, you ... and your company. The NEW Employee Manual should make you feel skeptical: skeptical of empty slogans, obsolete rituals, obsessive pursuits, and bigwigs' playbooks that no longer work. That alone should be worth this book's price. Skepticism, you see, is a good thing, because it is only the skeptic, only the free-thinker, only the maverick, who asks new questions and finds useful answers. So, are you a maverick or a cog?

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