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ow I Quit My Lucrative Medical Career and Achieved Financial Freedom Using Real Estate: (You Can, Too!)

MD-Phd Christopher H. Loo

Do you feel: - Dissatisfied in your chosen profession or career. - Confused about your purpose in life. - Like you're not operating from your strengths or fulfilling your potential.


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Book Information

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish Date: 07/25/2018
Pages: 72
ISBN-13: 9781717175502
ISBN-10: 1717175503
Language: English

Full Description

Do you feel: - Dissatisfied in your chosen profession or career? - Confused about your purpose in life? - Like you're not operating from your strengths or fulfilling your potential? - Lost, like you're the "only one"? - Trapped in the "rat race"? - Burned out, disengaged, or out of control? - Stuck without options? Do you want: - More free time? - Better work life balance? - Better health, more sleep? - To reach your highest potential and do what you were "meant to do" Are you ready to: - Fire your boss and/or your co-workers - Live anywhere in the world whenever you want to? - Work from anywhere you want, anytime you want to? - AND finally have a chance to give back In this book, you will learn that old ideas about education, finances, business, and career are becoming obsolete, and why it is so important now more than ever to constantly innovate, adapt, and grow personally and professionally. Dr. Chris Loo explains how you are actually "losing" money as a practicing MD, despite the high income and he shows you there is an abundance of opportunity, more than ever, despite the notions of scarcity that are expounded in society. How I Quit My Lucrative Medical Career also shares: - The 7 most common fears that entrepreneurs face, why these fears can be immobilizing, how to recognize them, and how to deal with them - How to recognize the mindsets that make up successful real estate entrepreneurs and investors - His step-by-step, cookie-cutter approach to finding, screening, valuing, renovating, attracting tenants, leveraging, scaling, automating, and protecting your real estate rental business - How to screen for ideal guests and tenants, so they become lifelong clientele - How to use social media, email marketing, and AirBNB to market & advertise your properties for pennies on the dollar, even for free. - How to have no employees yet have a "virtual" A-team, and how to build and manage them. - How to automate, leverage, and scale your rental business using just a laptop and an internet connection.

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