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Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership

Steve Farber

The Radical Leap is a business parable originally launched in 2004. In the last 10 years, the book has sold over 100,000 copies and inspires business leaders all over the world to bring Love, Energy, Audacity, and Proof to their work and their life.


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Book Information

Publisher: Mission Boulevard Press
Publish Date: 09/07/2014
Pages: 192
ISBN-13: 9780989300216
ISBN-10: 0989300218
Language: English

What We're Saying

February 27, 2008

Three notes, not quite related. 1. Jessica Hagy's book Indexed is out today. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

March 30, 2009

Steve Farber, one of the best minds on leadership out there, and author of The Radical Leap (one of The 100 Best), has provided the article below. His new book is Greater Than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson of True Leadership, and it's out now. You'll find the story below contains some of the key lessons from that book. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

May 19, 2009

Greater Than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson of True Leadership by Steve Farber, Doubleday, 170 pages, $19. 95, Hardcover, March 2009, ISBN 9780385522618 Steve Farber is a master storyteller, and he uses this skill to teach us about business through his well-crafted tales. It's not uncommon these days to see business novels, fables or allegories, but what sets Farber's books apart from the rest are the vibrant characters he creates. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Full Description

A new, tenth anniversary editionof the leadership classic thatwas hailed as one of the 100 BestBusiness Books of AllTime. In his exciting and timeless businessparable, The Radical Leap, Steve Farberexplores an entirely new leadershipmodel, one in which leaders aren tafraid totake risks, make mistakes infront of employees, or actively solicitemployee feedback. His book dispenseswith the typical, tired notions of whatit means to be a leader. Farber's modern parable begins ona sunny California beach where he hasa strange and unexpected encounterwith a surfer named Edg. Despite hisunassuming appearance, the enigmaticEdgseems to know an awful lot aboutleadership and this brief interactionpropels Steve into an unforgettablejourney. Along the way, he learns aboutExtremeLeadership and what itmeans to take the Radical Leap: .Cultivate Love .Generate Energy .Inspire Audacity .Provide Proof Geared to people at any level whoaspire to change things for the better, The Radical Leapis creating legionsof Extreme Leaders in business, education, non-profits and beyond.

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