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Remote Team Interactions Workbook: Using Team Topologies Patterns for Remote Working

Matthew Skelton, Manuel Pais

In this workbook, the authors of the widely successful Team Topologies provide a road-map for organizing effective and happy team-first remote workplaces.


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Book Information

Publisher: It Revolution Press
Publish Date: 04/26/2022
Pages: 80
ISBN-13: 9781950508617
ISBN-10: 1950508617
Language: English

Full Description

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new remote-first world. Some organizations struggled to catch up with new tooling and ways of working, while others have embraced this new reality. But for many, the remote-first work world is revealing poorly defined teams and poorly defined areas of focus that threaten the overall health and success of their business. To succeed in the remote-first world, organizations must explicitly design the communication between teams using physical and online spaces. Using simple tools and patterns from Team Topologies, organizations will discover how to create well-defined team interactions that are key to organizational success. In this workbook, the authors of the widely successful Team Topologies provide a road-map for effective and happy team-first remote work, including: How the new "remote-first" world is highlighting existing poor team interactions.Why organizations should use the Team API pattern to define and communicate the focus of teams.How to track and remove team-level dependencies.How and why to design inter-team communications consciously .Why and how to use the three team interaction modes from Team Topologies (collaboration, x-as-a-service, and facilitating) to help.

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