Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales & Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth

Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales & Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth

By Stephen G Diorio and Chris K Hummel

"Modern selling requires levels of speed, accountability, visibility, and teamwork that are unmanageable in a traditional model where sales and marketing and customer service are entirely separate functions. This book explains the solution many tech companies are landing on: a Revenue Operations model.


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Book Information

Publisher: Wiley
Publish Date: 04/26/2022
Pages: 304
ISBN-13: 9781119871118
ISBN-10: 1119871115
Language: English

Full Description

Crush siloes by connecting teams, data, and technologies with a new systems-based approach to growth.

Growing a business in the 21st Century has become a capital intensive and data-driven team sport. In Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales and Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth, an accomplished team of practitioners, academics, and experts provide a proven system for aligning revenue teams and unlocking growth. The book shows everyone how to connect the dots across an increasingly complex technology ecosystem to simplify selling and accelerate revenue expansion. With Revenue Operations, you'll understand what it takes to successfully transition to the new system of growth without killing your existing business. This practical and executable approach can be used by virtually any business - large or small, regardless of history or industry - that wants to generate more growth and value. By reading this book you will find:

  • Real-world case studies and personal experiences from executives across an array of high technology, commercial, industrial, services, consumer, and cloud-based businesses.
  • The six core elements of a system for managing your commercial operations, digital selling infrastructure, and customer data assets.
  • Nine building-blocks that connect the dots across your sales and marketing technology ecosystem to generate more consistent growth and a better customer experience at lower costs.
  • The skills and tools that next generation growth leaders will need to chart the roadmap for a successful career in any growth discipline for the next 25 years.

An indispensable resource for anyone who wants to get more from their business - board members, CEOs, business unit leaders, strategists, thought leaders, analysts, operations professionals, partners, and front-line doers in sales, marketing, and service - Revenue Operations is based on over one thousand surveys of and interviews with business professionals conducted during 2020 and 2021. It also includes a comprehensive analysis of the sales and marketing technology landscape. As a perfectly balanced combination of academic insight and data-driven application, this book belongs on the bookshelves of anyone responsible for driving revenue and growth.

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