Road From Smith Mills

The Road From Smith Mills

By John M Utley

The sequel to Smith Mills, this follows John Utley's life from eighteen years old to seventy.


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Book Information

Publisher: John M. Utley
Publish Date: 07/18/2019
Pages: 356
ISBN-13: 9780578547770
ISBN-10: 0578547775
Language: English

Full Description

Escaping from the school of hard knocks in Smith Mills, Kentucky, John Utley is ready for a change. Married and employed by a steel mill, he hopes the violence in his past is long gone.

Unfortunately, it's kill or be killed in this brave new world. He faces a future working around a blast furnace, hoping it doesn't explode during his shift. Uncertainty and poverty wait around every corner. And when he's laid off, he realizes he might not make it out alive.

When the American Service Bureau hires him, John struggles to become a rising star. But the villains are still out there, and his past is quick to catch up with him.

In this compelling sequel of the novel Smith Mills, John Utley demonstrates how willpower and plain hard work can overcome any adversity. Fame and fortune aren't guaranteed, but true success is measured by how far we've come.

The Road from Smith Mills. Some men are just born tough.

About the Author

John Utley, a Kentucky native, built a massive company from the humble beginnings of a dirt floor in a sharecropper's cabin. He spent his first eleven years in Kentucky and then lived the next four years in various Indiana cities. He moved to Gary, Indiana when he was almost fifteen years old. He attended high school in Gary, living in Gary and Portage, Indiana until he was twenty-six, at which time he was promoted in his job from Chicago to Houston, Texas.

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