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Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers: Developing Change-Driving People and Organizations

Robert Kriegel

Sacred cows--outdated and costly business practices such as the reports that are never read or a slow-down of innovative ideas--exist in every company. Inspired by insights gained from more than 450 programs conducted with all types of organizations, the authors show how corporations can kill off the sacred cows that are crippling them.


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Book Information

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publish Date: 03/31/1997
Pages: 336
ISBN-13: 9780446672603
ISBN-10: 0446672602
Language: English

Full Description

Outmoded beliefs, practices, and processes...why do so many business people cling to their established ways as if their lives depended on them? When they live in an era characterized by on unprecedented rate of change? When the very things they refuse to give up, the sacred cows of the business world, are the lodestones that will kill their careers and block their companies' path to success? In this insightful and unique guide, Kriegel and Brandt reveal why people hold on to the old and how to inspire them to bring on the new - to the point where they're enthusiastically turning even their favorite sacred cows into burgers. Tackling one of the most important business issues of today, the authors demonstrate why the latest panaceas - reengineering, virtual teams, outsourcing, reinventing, restructuring, downsizing - almost always prove unsuccessful. They expose how these buzzword programs overlook the most fundamental element of all business: people. After all, people are the gatekeepers of change, with the power to breathe life into a new program or kill it. If they're excited and positive, it's open sesame; if they're resistant, they'll slam the door in your face. Getting to the heart of the matter, Kriegel and Brandt show you how to coach yourself and others to create Change-Ready people.

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