Sassie's New Home

Sassie's New Home

By Erin Albright

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Sassie's New Home helps children cope with the death of a dog. Lanie's beloved dog Sassie dies. Lanie's mom explains what Heaven is like for dogs and Lanie learns about holding onto the memories of all of the good times that she spent with Sassie. She also learns about Sassie's important new job in Heaven.


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Book Information

Publisher: Albright Creative, LLC
Publish Date: 01/29/2019
Pages: 20
ISBN-13: 9780578443324
ISBN-10: 0578443325
Language: English

Full Description

A whimsical, moving story for children who have lost a beloved pet.

A pet's death can be difficult to handle, especially for kids. Inspired by the questions the children in her life asked when her own dog died, author Erin Albright crafted a heartfelt story about what happens when our best friends go on to Heaven.

This comforting tale is perfect for families dealing with a pet's death, and veterinarians, therapists and school counselors will find it helpful to have on hand to help console young children who lose a pet.

A beautifully written children's book that is a wonderful gift to share with your grieving children or give as a gift to others going through this challenging time.

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