Secrets to Happiness at Work: How to Choose and Create Purpose and Fulfillment in Your Work

Secrets to Happiness at Work: How to Choose and Create Purpose and Fulfillment in Your Work

By Tracy Brower

"The Secrets to Happiness at Work sets a foundation by making the case for joyful work and life, pointing to research on personal, family, and child health. From stress and sleep to marriage and child development, joyful work is a critical part of a healthy life. Author Dr. Tracy Brower provides key touchpoints on fundamental human needs and supports these touchpoints with compelling neuroscience that will drive readers' understanding of their experiences at work.


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Book Information

Publisher: Simple Truths
Publish Date: 05/04/2021
Pages: 152
ISBN-13: 9781728230894
ISBN-10: 1728230896
Language: English

Full Description

The conventional wisdom on work holds that it's a grind and that happiness is mostly impossible--or it's just about making it from Monday to Friday with a minimum of effort or pain. But it's possible to create the conditions for happiness at work--and to find joy even with the inevitable ups and downs of work and life.

The Secrets to Happiness at Work by Tracy Brower, PhD sociologist and an expert in work-life and happiness, is both compelling and accessible as it brings together science and pragmatic recommendations for wellbeing, fulfillment, satisfaction and success.

  • Reimagine work and its meaning for your identity and your life.
  • Empower choice--and the ways you can influence and impact your happiness.
  • Learn myths and misconceptions and how to break through barriers like imposter syndrome, perfectionism or hustle thinking.
  • Discover brain science which can catalyze positive experiences.
  • Energize your growth, learning and development.
  • Align with the cultures which bring out your best, and choose alternatives when you must.
  • Create community, belonging, empathy and great relationships while maintaining your own healthy boundaries.
  • Find your purpose and live your passion in work and in life.

The Secrets to Happiness at Work is perfectly timed. As the landscape of work changes, and as the world becomes more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, Brower is a reassuring and hopeful voice inspiring positive experiences.

The Secrets to Happiness at Work isn't your average book. It is concise, optimistic and energetic--a TED talk in book form. Including joy, purpose, culture, relationships, growth, success and choosing alternatives, it covers all the ways to create the conditions for happiness--in an accessible and inspiring read.

About the Author

Dr. Tracy Brower is a PhD sociologist studying happiness, work-life fulfillment and the future of work. She is the author of The Secrets to Happiness at Work (to be re-released in paperback May 2024) as well as Bring Work to Life.

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