Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Seven Pillars of Wisdom

By T E Lawrence

The basis for Lawrence of Arabia , this firsthand account of the Arab Revolt offers a colorful, poetic narrative and paints a fascinating portrait of the Middle East during World War I.


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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish Date: 08/28/2017
Pages: 582
ISBN-13: 9781975891312
ISBN-10: 1975891317
Language: English

Full Description

"It ranks with the greatest books ever written in the English language. As a narrative of war and adventure ... it is unsurpassable." -- Winston Churchill
T. E. Lawrence's autobiographical tale, the basis for the film Lawrence of Arabia, offers a firsthand account of the Arab Revolt against the Turks. Lawrence was already a living legend by the time of this book's initial publication, and his colorful, poetic memoir paints a fascinating portrait of the Middle East during World War I.
Faced with a deadlock on the Western front, the British pursued the opening of an Eastern front by persuading the Arabs to attack the Ottoman Empire. Lawrence's understanding of Arab culture and his skills as a tactician made him the ideal liaison. His action-packed accounts of desert campaigns and acute observations of people, places, and events form a vivid historical record that combines the power of a heroic epic with the intimacy of an autobiography.

About the Author

Thomas Edward Lawrence was born in 1888. Educated at Oxford, he was later made a research fellow of All Souls College. During the First World War he was attached to the Hejaz Expeditionary Force and later transferred to General Allenby s staff. In 1921 he became Advisor on Arab Affairs in the Colonial Office.

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