Smith Mills

Smith Mills

By John M Utley

An unwanted boy, fatherless, finds employment at eight and miraculously raises himself, surviving life's obstacles.


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Book Information

Publisher: John M. Utley
Publish Date: 10/31/2018
Pages: 212
ISBN-13: 9780578412108
ISBN-10: 0578412101
Language: English

Full Description

In the tiny town of Smith Mills, his parents don't care if he lives or dies. At eight years old, he's forced to survive on his own. At ten, he buys his own clothes and most of his food. At fourteen, he's the manager of a service station paying rent to his mother to live with her. He's kicked down and pushed to the physical thresholds of flesh and bone, always knowing the sting of abandonment. He expects nothing more, and nothing less.

In this incredible true story, John Utley proves that hardship forges strength, that success is measured only by cold hard grit in the face of oppression. And, sometimes, our greatest demons can reveal our most powerful virtues.

He thought he'd left his hometown for good, but he returns one more time to take you on a trip you'll never forget. Smith Mills. Some boys are just born tough.

About the Author

John Utley, a Kentucky native, built a massive company from the humble beginnings of a dirt floor in a sharecropper's cabin. He spent his first eleven years in Kentucky and then lived the next four years in various Indiana cities. He moved to Gary, Indiana when he was almost fifteen years old. He attended high school in Gary, living in Gary and Portage, Indiana until he was twenty-six, at which time he was promoted in his job from Chicago to Houston, Texas.

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