Street Freak: A Memoir of Money and Madness

Street Freak: A Memoir of Money and Madness

By Jared Dillian

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Book Information

Publisher: Touchstone PR
Publish Date: 09/11/2012
Pages: 368
ISBN-13: 9781439181270
ISBN-10: 1439181276
Language: English

Full Description

Like Michael Lewis's classic Liar's Poker, Jared Dillian's Street Freak takes us behind the scenes of the legendary Lehman Brothers, exposing its outrageous and often hilarious corporate culture and offering a "candid look at the demise of a

About the Author

Jared Dillian is the editor of The Daily Dirtnap, a daily market newsletter for investment professionals, continuously published since 2008. He graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy in 1996 with a B.

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