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Toy Box Leadership: Leadership Lessons from the Toys You Loved as a Child

Ron Hunter

According to the authors, the childhood toy box is a great place to learn lessons to successfully influence and lead others. What can LEGOs teach about building a business through connection? How can Slinky Dog demonstrate the value of patience when a company is growing?


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Book Information

Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership
Publish Date: 08/31/2009
Pages: 194
ISBN-13: 9781595553287
ISBN-10: 1595553282
Language: English

Full Description

Authors Ron Hunter and Michael E. Waddell take a nostalgic look back into their childhood toy boxes to revisit the valuable leadership and life lessons we all unintentionally learned during playtime. While these lessons started in fun, as adults, we've complicated the principles of leadership--bogging them down with popular trends and theories. Toy Box Leadership clears away the clutter and takes readers back to the simple and essential roots of the most effective and unchanging leadership best practices. You'll discover: what Lego bricks can teach you about building your business through connection; how Slinky Dog demonstrates the value of patience when you're growing your organization; what every little kid learned from the Little Green Army Men that can be used use in business strategy; and many more playful and insightful lessons. Whether you still feel young at heart or your childhood seems to be a distant memory, Toy Box Leadership will bring you back to the place where all important life lessons began to reinvigorate your ability to influence and lead others in the playground of life.

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