Tweeting Goddess Little Book Of Twitter Magic: How to shine, spread your message and build authentic

The Tweeting Goddess Little Book Of Twitter Magic: How to shine, spread your message and build authentic relationships online

By Samantha Kelly

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How to use Twitter and Linkedin effectively so you structure content and social media activity that will help you to be noticed online (in the right way), engage and increase awareness to reach your target audience.


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Book Information

Publisher: Tweetinggoddess
Publish Date: 10/09/2019
Pages: 164
ISBN-13: 9781912328390
ISBN-10: 1912328399
Language: English

Full Description

The no-nonsense guide on how to inspire, influence and build authentic relationships online using the power of Twitter and LinkedIn.

What can I say about Samantha Kelly... the real deal, says what she means, means what she says, truly authentic. She lives a #NoLetUp! Life, values relationships, and has done all this herself... FROM SCRATCH. If you want to learn from someone "like you" who doesn't recommend anything without trying it herself... then listen to, and learn from, The Tweeting Goddess. -Ted Rubin

Samantha Kelly built her business from scratch. Starting with zero followers to becoming a global social media influencer with over 50k followers, Sam shows how anyone can grow their online business ethically, practically and successfully.

Whether it's brand awareness, business growth, lead generation or sales you need, Sams personal style of communicating, her raw honesty and integrity and plenty of "how to" tips and strategies, you will not be disappointed with this enlightening social media guide for all business owners.

Opening up and expanding channels of communication, Sams Little Book of Twitter Magic gives you step by step techniques to help you keep pace with the ever changing digital world and provides new insight and perspectives on how to build effective and rewarding relationships online.

If Sam can do this, you can too!

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