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When You Eat at the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair: 50 Ways to Feel Thin, Gorgeous, and Happy (When You Feel Anything But)

Roth Roth

In her latest book, the bestselling author of "When Food Is Love" and "Why Weight?" tackles the secret ways we sabotage ourselves every day and shows how to break the vicious cycle that keeps us feeling fat, ugly, and miserable.


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Book Information

Publisher: Not available
Publish Date: 07/15/2016
Pages: 240
ISBN-13: 9780786885084
ISBN-10: 0786885084
Language: English

Full Description

Geneen Roth's pioneering books were among the first to link overeating and compulsive dieting with deeply personal issues that go far beyond weight and body image. Now, in this fun, practical book, she helps readers radically shift their relationships with food and find more life-affirming ways to care for themselves. With an exhilarating combination of intelligence and wicked good humor, she offers bite-sized pieces of invaluable wisdom.

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