About Pavini Moray

Pavini Moray has started, succeeded, and failed at many businesses. These experiences of success and failure have shaped them into a leader who aims to work in service, meeting students and co-workers where they are. As a serial entrepreneur, they have built private practices, a worker collective, and a for-profit company. Their leadership ability, along with thirty years of experience as a Montessori educator, have honed their skills in creating accessible pathways to learning. Moray is also a somatic coach, specializing in sex and relationships and helping partners find their way to harmony. They have developed pedagogy and methodology for embodied relationships, teaching hundreds of students how to lead and learn through embodiment and engagement. Their identity as a queer, trans, non-binary founder gives them insight into the practices of Outsider Culture and accessibility. Moray holds an M.Ed in Curriculum and Design, as well as a PhD in Somatic Psychology.

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