How to Hold Power: A Somatic Approach to Becoming a Leader People Love and Respect--30+ Embodiment P

How to Hold Power: A Somatic Approach to Becoming a Leader People Love and Respect--30+ Embodiment Practices to Empower Your Team and Lea

By Pavini Moray

"A guide to becoming a better boss that discusses how to support your team, dismantle toxic work culture, and lead with integrity"--


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Book Information

Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publish Date: 10/10/2023
Pages: 272
ISBN-13: 9781623179243
ISBN-10: 1623179246
Language: English

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October 19, 2023

A somatic educator and entrepreneur advocates for a leadership style that incorporates the wisdom from one's body. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Full Description

Essential skills for today's leaders: learn how to embody your ethics, earn your team's trust, and dismantle toxic work culture Leaders and managers everywhere are learning the importance of creating safe, satisfying workplaces rooted in principles of social justice. But many of us who try to lead with ethics and integrity struggle with embracing a position of power and authority. You might worry about "being bossy," unintentionally disrespecting others, or making the wrong call--and in the process, put your mind and body under so much stress that you burn out. Somatic educator and coach Pavini Moray argues that the secret to being an ethical, inspirational boss is rooted in our own bodies. In more than 30 simple exercises, reflections, and daily practices, you'll learn how to:
  • Nurture trust with clients and coworkers
  • Ground and re-center when you're thrown off by a mistake or problem
  • Soothe the "Ouch!" of negative feedback
  • Break away from grind and hustle culture
  • Turn workplace conflict into a source of positive change and growth
  • Help your employees voice their own needs and feel heard
  • Understand the nuances of consent beyond contract negotiations
  • Gracefully acknowledge mistakes
  • Repair relationships with employees, colleagues, and clients

Drawing from client case studies and their own experience as a manager, Moray teaches foundational embodiment practices--breath, grounding, observing, centering, and moving--through concrete examples that show how to use these skills in a variety of common workplace settings. By learning to practice embodied leadership presence, you can become a boss who truly listens to your employees; leads with inspiration; and brings your whole self to work every day.

About the Author

Pavini Moray has started, succeeded, and failed at many businesses. These experiences of success and failure have shaped them into a leader who aims to work in service, meeting students and co-workers where they are. As a serial entrepreneur, they have built private practices, a worker collective, and a for-profit company.

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