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The 2019 Porchlight Shortlist Giveaway

December 20, 2019

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We are giving away all eight books on the 2019 Porchlight Business Book Awards shortlist to one lucky winner.

We announced the shortlist for the 2019 Porchlight Business Book Award this week, and to spread the love (and the knowledge), we are giving away all eight books to one lucky winner.

For this year’s shortlist, the Porchlight editorial team chose the following titles as the best in their categories, which are the finalists for the Porchlight Business Book of the Year for 2019:

imageahz5n.pngLeadership & Strategy Book of the Year: It's How We Play the Game: Build a Business. Take a Stand. Make a Difference. by Ed Stack, Scribner

Management & Workplace Culture Book of the Year: Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff, W.W. Norton & Company

Marketing & Sales Book of the Year: The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning by William Ammerman, McGraw-Hill Education

Innovation & Creativity Book of the Year: Creative Trespassing: How to Put the Spark and Joy Back Into Your Work and Life by Tania Katan, Currency

Personal Development & Human Behavior Book of the Year: How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny Odell, Melville House

Current Events & Public Affairs Book of the Year: Don’t Be Evil: How Big Tech Betrayed Its Founding Principles—and All of Us by Rana Foroohar, Currency

Narrative & Biography Book of the Year: The Economists' Hour: False Prophets, Free Markets, and the Fracture of Society by Binyamin Appelbaum, Little, Brown and Company

Big Ideas & New Perspectives Book of the Year: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power by Shoshana Zuboff, PublicAffairs


We will announce The 2019 Business Book of the Year on Thursday, January 16th, 2020.

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