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2019 Porchlight Business Book Awards call for entries is now open

Blyth Meier

August 27, 2019


Any business book published in the U.S. within the year 2019 is eligible and submissions to the awards are free.

porchlight_book_award_logo_date_thumbnail.jpgPorchlight Book Company, formerly 800-CEO-READ, invites submissions for the company’s 13th annual Business Book Awards, which recognize the best books in the business genre and all the people in the industry who help bring them to life.

Award winners are determined by the members of Porchlight’s awards committee, who have a combined 46+ years of business book industry experience. As in the past, the 2019 categories encompass a broad range of nonfiction books, which will be judged on the originality and applicability of their ideas and quality of the writing.

“Although our recent rebrand frees us to celebrate a wider range of great books and great book people outside the business genre, we have no intention of leaving that community behind,” said Porchlight General Manager Sally Haldorson. “As a song from childhood goes, ‘Make new friends, but keep the old.’ We welcome everyone onto our porch.”

“Catching up with our publishing friends at the awards party is the highlight of our year,” said Porchlight Marketing Director Blyth Meier. “The feeling in the room is like a family reunion, and served as one of the inspirations for our new company name.” 

Any business book published in the U.S. within the year 2019 is eligible within the following categories:

Leadership & Strategy
Seeing the big picture, making decisions, and inspiring the organization. 

Management & Workplace Culture
Motivating people, guiding processes, and managing projects.

Marketing & Sales
Building audience, creating customers, and driving loyalty.

Innovation & Creativity
Thinking creatively, designing solutions, and fostering entrepreneurship.

Personal Development & Human Behavior
Growing as people, understanding others, and building a career.

Current Events & Public Affairs
Expanding awareness, exploring the world, and building better businesses and communities.

Narrative & Biography
Learning from the stories of individuals, companies, and industries.

Big Ideas & New Perspectives
Imagining the future and exploring possibilities


The submission window closes Monday, October 7, 2019. Submissions to the awards are free.

More information, the entry form, and the full history of the awards can be found here.

Other key announcement dates for the Porchlight Business Book Awards for 2019 are:

  • November 20: Longlist announcement
  • December 18: Shortlist announcement
  • January 16, 2020: Business Book of the Year and Jack Covert Award for Contribution to the Business Book Industry revealed at the company’s awards celebration and publishing industry gathering in New York City

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