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The 2018 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards Longlist

November 08, 2018


Our 2018 business book awards longlist rewards 40 books from diverse authors and publishers highlighting the humanity in the genre.

We received over 600 submissions to our annual business book awards this year. It was intellectually invigorating, and incredibly challenging, making our way through that veritable mountain of books. If you can possibly do something similar to that as a company, we'd highly recommend it. The immersion into and exchange of ideas, and literal opening up of different perspectives as we open up those books, has caused us—as it does every year—to reflect on our own business in productive and powerful ways.


Discussing the books, our General Manager Sally Haldorson stated that:


This year’s longlist represents a rich diversity of authors and publishers that push the boundaries of the genre, framing ‘business’ as less transactional and more holistically inclusive of psychology, sociology, economics, politics, and the humanities. As we try to make sense of this world in transition, these forty books ensure we consider the broadest range of viewpoints as we search for solutions.


Our CEO Rebecca Schwartz added:


Rejecting the immediate for the immersive is, in fact, a better way to gain an understanding of our current moment, to gain perspective and make meaning of it all. For in the act of giving over to someone else’s story, be it through literature or nonfiction, we can focus less on the latest outrage and more on the humanity between the covers in our hands.


The books of 2018 have been as helpful in challenging business at this inflection point in our history as they have in championing new approaches and ideas to move it forward. The following forty books offer a great balance of both approaches.

In the LEADERSHIP & STRATEGY category:


In the MARKETING & SALES category:




In the NARRATIVE & BIOGRAPHY category:

And, in the BIG IDEAS & NEW PERSPECTIVES category:

We will be announcing the winners of each of these eight categories on December 4th. Those eight category winners will make up the shortlist for the overall winner, the 800-CEO-READ Business Books of the Year. The winner will be announced at an event on January 17th in New York City, where we will also be celebrating the fifth Annual Jack Covert Award for Contribution to the Business Book Industry.   

Stay tuned here for both of those announcements. 

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