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Influence and Impact: Discover and Excel at What Your Organization Needs from You the Most

Gabbi Cisneros

June 17, 2021


Influence and Impact is an essential guide to either overcome or avoid the feeling of dissatisfaction with your job.


Influence and Impact : Discover and Excel at What Your Organization Needs From You The Most by Bill Berman & George B. Bradt, Wiley 

Finding joy and feeling passionate at a nine to five may seem unrealistic, or at the least not something that could be coached into us. But Influence and Impact is making me think differently about where job satisfaction stems from. Author Bill Berman pulls from his experience as a psychologist in his executive coaching approach, and George Bradt's 20-year, well-rounded background in sales, marketing, and general management (which helped make his Executive Onboarding and Team Onboarding organization, PrimeGenesis, an indispensable tool for companies worldwide) makes his approach to finding value in one's job similarly comprehensive. 

Influence and Impact is an essential guide to either overcome or avoid the feeling of dissatisfaction with your job. The easy-way-out would be putting in your two weeks, but Berman and Bradt offer much more useful (and less rash) approaches to reconnecting with your work. For example, maybe you need to recognize that you're stuck in a rut of underperformance, or you've been burning yourself out doing your colleagues' jobs. On the psychological side of things, maybe you have a vision that misaligns with that of your manager or company or lack a mental model of your work in the larger picture of the company's work. Some of the advice is also quite relevant in the context of the hybrid model of work (remote/office) that many organizations have adapted to: 

No one can force you to change your values, attitudes, expectations and behaviors. There is extensive social science research, however, that indicates that your ability to adjust to the context you live or work in is directly related to the likelihood of your success. 

Use Berman and Brandt's handy guide to learn more about the significance of skills like evaluation, adaptation, and innovation in your quest to revive your approach to creating influence and impact in your workplace.

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