May 2015 Business Book Bestsellers

June 01, 2015


Our business book bestsellers for the month of May, 2015

Each month we compile a list of our top selling books. These books are featured on our site, within our Keen Thinker Newsletter, and syndicated through various publications. We hope the popularity of these titles offers guidance for those seeking an interesting and helpful new book. We report our business book bestsellers to The New York Times and Nielsen BookScan. Congratulations to these bestselling authors!


1. No Ordinary Disruption: The Four Global Forces Breaking All the Trends

By Richard Dobbs, Jonathan Woetzel, James Manyika
Published by PublicAffairs


2. Carry On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life

By Glennon Doyle Melton
Published by Scribner Book Company


3. Frugal Innovation: How to Do More with Less

By Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu, The Economist
Published by Economist


4. On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact Leadership

By Alison Levine
Published by Business Plus


5. Persuasion Equation: The Subtle Science of Getting Your Way

By Mark Rodgers
Published by AMACOM/American Management Association


6. Disrupting Digital Business: Create an Authentic Experience in the Peer-To-Peer Economy

By R "Ray" Wang, R "Ray" Wang
Published by Harvard Business School Press


7. I Am Because You Are: How the Spirit of Ubuntu Inspired an Unlikely Friendship and Transformed a Community

By Jacob Lief, Andrea Thompson
Published by Rodale Press


8. How to Fly a Horse: The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery

By Kevin Ashton
Published by Doubleday Books


9. The Resilience Dividend: Being Strong in a World Where Things Go Wrong

By Judith Rodin
Published by PublicAffairs


10. The Wright Brothers

By David McCullough
Published by Simon & Schuster


11. Conversations That Win the Complex Sale: Using POWER MESSAGING to Create More Opportunities, Differentiate Your Solutions, and Close More Deals

By Erik Peterson, Timothy Riesterer
Published by McGraw-Hill


12. Rich as a King: How the Wisdom of Chess Can Make You a Grandmaster of Investing

By Susan Polgar, Douglas Goldstein
Published by Morgan James Publishing


13. Every Gift Matters: How Your Passion Can Change the World

By Carrie Morgridge, John Perry
Published by Greenleaf Book Group


14. On Target Living: Your Guide to a Life of Balance, Energy, and Vitality

By Chris Johnson
Published by John Wiley & Sons


15. Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That's Transforming Education

By Ken Robinson, Lou Aronica
Published by Viking


16. The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy

By Jon Gordon
Published by John Wiley & Sons


17. The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business

By Patrick M Lencioni
Published by Jossey-Bass


18. Why She Buys: The New Strategy for Reaching the World's Most Powerful Consumers

By Bridget Brennan
Published by Crown Business


19. A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life

By Brian Grazer, Charles Fishman
Published by Simon & Schuster


20. Becoming the Best: Build a World-Class Organization Through Values-Based Leadership

By Harry M Kraemer
Published by Jossey-Bass


21. A Winner's Guide to Negotiating: How Conversation Gets Deals Done

By Molly Fletcher
Published by McGraw-Hill


22. You're Hired: How to Succeed in Business and Life from the Winner of the Apprentice

By Bill Rancic
Published by HarperBusiness


23. Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose

By Gabrielle Bernstein
Published by Hay House


24. Power of Understanding People: The Key to Strengthening Relationships, Increasing Sales, and Enhancing Organizational Performance

By Dave Mitchell
Published by John Wiley & Sons


25. Data-Ism: The Revolution Transforming Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, and Almost Everything Else

By Steve Lohr
Published by HarperBusiness


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