Persuasion Equation: The Subtle Science of Getting Your Way

Persuasion Equation: The Subtle Science of Getting Your Way

By Mark Rodgers

If only you could convince people to see things your way . . . Learn the secret to developing true persuasive power!


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Book Information

Publisher: Amacom
Publish Date: 05/06/2015
Pages: 240
ISBN-13: 9780814434178
ISBN-10: 0814434177
Language: English

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June 01, 2015

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This book reveals what drives decisions and introduces you to the key formula for developing the invaluable attribute of persuasion--a powerful combination of factors proven to speed agreement.

In a nutshell, business boils down to whether or not you can persuade others around you. Whether it is a customer, contractor, board of directors, or your loyal staff, your ability to persuade others toward your point of view is essential to finding success.

Merging research and real-world application, discover the surprising reasons people say yes, and learn how to:

  • Radiate an aura of expertise
  • Win trust and leverage credibility
  • Build a business case that appeals to both heart and mind
  • Adapt for personality, gender, and generational differences
  • Perfect the five-step persuasion process
  • Generate group buy-in

Whether you're trying to secure a promotion, make a sale, or rally support for a new idea, Persuasion Equation holds the key to unlocking within you the power of persuasion.

About the Author

Mark Rodgers is a principal partner of the Peak Performance Business Group, which helps clients accelerate their sales, marketing, and management efforts, achieving astonishing results.

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