Agrobiodiversity Conservation and Economic Development

Agrobiodiversity Conservation and Economic Development


The economics of agrobiodiversity is a new and expanding area within the natural and social sciences and environmental and agricultural economics in particular. This book provides a thorough, structured, and authoritative coverage of this field.


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Book Information

Publisher: Routledge
Publish Date: 10/07/2008
Pages: 432
ISBN-13: 9780415465052
ISBN-10: 0415465052
Language: English

Full Description

This book reflects current developments in the economics of agrobiodiversity and focuses its attention on the role agrobiodiversity can have for economic development. As a new and rapidly expanding subfield at the interface of environmental/ecological, agricultural and development economics, the editors and contributors to this volume provide a thorough, structured and authoritative coverage of this field. Topics covered include the economic modelling of agrobiodiversity, policy and governance solutions for the conservation of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes, contracts, markets and valuation. The authors include well-known and respected academics and researchers who have a real policy perspective into the role of agrobiodiversity and economic development. The book provides coherent and up to date coverage of the economics of in-situ agrobiodiversity conservation which is to a large extent currently absent. Though the material in the volume is primarily written for economists, its content and style are highly relevant and accessible to ecologists and conservation biologists, and to academics from other broad disciplines that are located within the areas of economics and ecology.

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