All about Them: Grow Your Business by Focusing on Others

All about Them: Grow Your Business by Focusing on Others

By Bruce Turkel

A branding expert shows how anyone who is successful lives by three words--"all about them"--and shows how focusing on others leads to success in business and life


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Book Information

Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books
Publish Date: 09/06/2016
Pages: 312
ISBN-13: 9780738219202
ISBN-10: 0738219207
Language: English

Full Description

The best companies and most successful salespeople live by a three-word mantra--all about them--because when they relentlessly focus their brand on their customers instead of themselves, their businesses flourish. All about Them shows readers how to use this simple but extremely powerful influencing technique. Bruce Turkel, who has advised some of the world's greatest companies, including American Express and Bacardi, lays the groundwork by relating his personal journey of discovery to the All about Them principle. He goes on to explore our technology-driven, hyper- connected culture; the power of storytelling (and story-selling); brand authenticity and transparency; and more.

About the Author

Bruce Turkel is an advertising and branding expert who helps make his clients' brands more valuable. He has worked with great companies including Nike, Discovery Channel, HBO, Bacardi, and the Miami and Puerto Rico Convention and Visitors Bureaus.

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