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Artificial Intelligence Big Data Travelling Consumption: Prediction Story

Johnny Ch Lok

Future travel consumption behaviorCan (AI) big data gathering tool predict traveller individual habitual behaviour, e. g. renting travel transportation tools.


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Book Information

Publisher: Independently Published
Publish Date: 03/08/2019
Pages: 108
ISBN-13: 9781799117001
ISBN-10: 1799117006
Language: English

Full Description

Future travel consumption behaviorCan (AI) big data gathering tool predict traveller individual habitual behaviour, e.g. renting travel transportation tools ?Can (AI) big data gathering tool can predict past traveller destination and travelling package choice habit and it can be intended to predict of future traveller behavior to people are creatures of habits judgement of future anywhere travelling destination choice next year or next month or next half year destination prediction ? Many of human's everyday goal-directed behaviors are performed in a habitual fashion, the transportation made and route one takes to work, one's choice of breakfast. Habits are formed when using the some behavior frequently and a similar consistency in a similar context for the some purpose whether the individual past travel consumption model will be caused a habit to whom. e.g. choosing whom travel agent to buy air ticket or traveling package; choosing the same or similar countries' destinations to go to travel; choosing the business class or normal (general) class of quality airlines to catch planes. Does habitual rent traveling car tools use not lead to more resistance to change of travel mode? It has been argued that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior to travel consumption. If individual traveler's past consumption behavior was always reasoned, then frequency of prior travel consumption behavior should only have an indirect link to the individual traveler's behavior. It seems that renting travel car tools to use is a habit example. So, a strong rent traveling car tools useful habit makes traveling mode choice. People with a strong renting of traveling car tools of habit should have low motivation to attend to gather any information about public transportation in their choice of travelling country for individual or family or friends members during their traveling journeys. Even when persuasive communication changes the traveler whose attitudes and intention, in the case of individual traveler or family travelers with a strong renting travel car tools habit. It is difficult to change whose travel behaviors to choose to catch public transportation in whose any trips in any countries. However, understanding of travel behavior and the reasons for choosing one mode of transportation over another. The arguments for rent traveling car tools to use, including convenience, speed, comfort and individual freedom and well known. Increasingly, psychological factors include such as, perceptions, identity, social norms and habit are being used to understand travel mode choice. Whether how many travel consumers will choose to rent traveling car tools during their trips in any countries. It is difficult to estimate the numbers. As the average level of renting travel car tools of dependence or attitudes to certain travel package policies from travel agents. Instead different people must be treated in different ways because who are motivated in different ways and who are motivated by different travel package policies ways from travel agents.In conclusion, the factors influence whose traveler's individual traveller destination choice behavior The factors include either who chooses to rent traveling car tools or who chooses to catch public transportation when who individual goes to travel in alone trip or family trip. It include influence mode choice factors, such as social psychology factor and marketing on segmentation factor both to influence whose transportation choice of behavior in whose trip. So, (AI) big data can be attempted to gather past traveller transportatin tool choice, rent travelling car tools choice or catching public transportation tools choice to predict where destinaton can provide what kind of transportation tool to attract many travellers to choose to go to the place to travel.

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