B2B Customer Experience: A Practical Guide to Delivering Exceptional CX

B2B Customer Experience: A Practical Guide to Delivering Exceptional CX

By Paul Hague and Nick Hague

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Learn how to bring customer excellence to your B2B business to retain existing clients and win new business, this bestselling guide contains expert advice from leading industry experts, as well as new frameworks and approaches.


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Book Information

Publisher: Kogan Page
Publish Date: 05/30/2023
Pages: 272
ISBN-13: 9781398608535
ISBN-10: 139860853X
Language: English

Full Description

Use this bestselling and practical guide to steer you through how to create exceptional customer experience for the modern B2B consumer. This new edition explores key topics such as AI, the role of IT in customer experience and customer relationship management.

B2B Customer Experience
shows readers how to deliver the very best customer experience within the business-to-business industry. Intensely practical in its approach, it is divided into five parts to walk readers through the journey of planning, mapping, structuring, implementing and controlling an effective customer experience, all bespoke for the B2B environment. Now newly revised, this new edition will provide new case studies demonstrating what makes for good or bad customer experience as well as providing new tactics and strategies that will help build an effective customer experience plan. This new edition also aims to guide the reader on how to successfully incorporate AI into their strategy whilst still delivering great customer experience. Discussing some of the best-known examples of consumer-focused customer experiences from companies such as Zappos, Nordstrom and John Lewis, B2B Customer Experience is the must-have text for any marketing professional working within a B2B environment.

About the Authors

Paul Hague is MD of B2B International. With 35 years of experience running market research agencies, his clients include some of the largest corporations in Europe and the United States.

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Nick Hague, based in Manchester, UK, is co-founder and Head of Growth at B2B International. He has over 25 years' experience working across all industry sectors in B2B market research.

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