Beyond Bias: The Path to End Gender Inequality at Work

Beyond Bias: The Path to End Gender Inequality at Work

By Andrea S Kramer and Alton B Harris

"Despite extensive efforts to eliminate gender inequality, little progress has been made during the past 40 years. BEYOND BIAS reveals two reasons why. First, most men have been on the sidelines rather than the front line. Second, the gender diversity techniques that are used to end inequality are largely ineffective.


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Book Information

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Publish Date: 05/16/2023
Pages: 240
ISBN-13: 9781399801485
ISBN-10: 1399801481
Language: English

What We're Saying

May 24, 2023

Structural changes are the only real hope we have of confronting structural discrimination so we can achieve fair, equal, and equitable career outcomes for women and men. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Full Description

Despite extensive and costly diversity initiatives, little progress has been made in recent years in ending workplace gender inequality. Beyond Bias presents a compelling explanation of the reasons for this failure. Current diversity initiatives focus primarily on "teaching" people to be less biased and more inclusive. But this is the wrong focus. As Beyond Bias make clear, workplace gender inequality is a systemic problem caused largely by the (unintended) discriminatory operation of personnel systems, policies, and practices. Beyond Bias presents the four-prong PATH program for directly attacking this structural discrimination--and with it, individuals' discriminatory conduct:
  • Prioritize Elimination of Exclusionary Behavior
  • Adopt Bias-free Methods of Decision-Making
  • Treat Inequality in the Home as a Workplace Problem
  • Halt Unequal Performance Evaluations and Leadership Development Opportunities
In the authors' characteristically clear and engaging style, Beyond Bias lays out a comprehensive set of actions that organizations can take to ensure women no longer encounter gendered obstacles to their career advancement and find their workplaces engaging, supportive places where they--and everyone--can thrive. Advance Praise for Beyond Bias: "Beyond Bias offers a curated introduction to the literature on workplace gender bias, and many concrete steps organizations can take to interrupt bias by providing more structure in their business systems."
--Joan C. Williams, Author of Bias Interrupted: Creating Inclusion for Real and for Good, Harvard Business Review Press, 2021
"Beyond Bias's actionable best practices equip leaders with the tools to create an equitable and more productive workplace that allows everyone to thrive. The "must read" for every leader who is serious about positioning their organization for success in the 21st century!"
--David G. Smith, PhD, Johns Hopkins University & W. Brad Johnson, PhD, U.S. Naval Academy, authors of Good Guys and Athena Rising "Finally, a book that tackles workplace gender inequality at the root of the problem. Grounded in solid research, this book is a must for leaders determined to improve business results by fostering deeper engagement from both men and women."
--Carol Frohlinger, President, Negotiating Women, Inc. "Beyond Bias is a timely, powerful, and compelling book. In it, Kramer and Harris provide a clear and do-able PATH to create a business climate where people feel trusted and appreciated; one where DE&I is more than hope--it becomes a reality."
--Andi Simon, Ph.D. Corporate Anthropologist and CEO Simon Associates Management Consultants "Here it is! We've long been in pursuit of creating a bias-free workplace--what is needed to unlock so much potential and profit for our businesses. Yet so many companies have put in place huge efforts that have failed. Through their PATH program, Andie and Al show us how big goals are met through small wins. Focus on the seemingly small practices they outline that compound over time, and you and your organization will reach the goal we all seek."
--Lee Caraher, CEO, Double Forte, Author of Millennials & Management and The Boomerang Principle, and host of Everything Speaks

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