Conflict Without Casualties: A Field Guide for Leading with Compassionate Accountability

Conflict Without Casualties: A Field Guide for Leading with Compassionate Accountability

By Nate Regier

When leaders learn how to manage the emotions and drama in their organizations, conflict can be made healthier. Nate Regier uses the Drama Triangle Model and the Compassion Cycle to show leaders how to exercise compassion, not passion, and turn the negative energy of conflict into a positive energy for increased productivity and growth.


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Book Information

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Publish Date: 04/24/2017
Pages: 224
ISBN-13: 9781523082605
ISBN-10: 1523082607
Language: English

Full Description

Make Conflict Your Partner for Positive Change! Clinical psychologist and transformative communication expert Dr. Nate Regier believes that the biggest energy crisis facing our world is the misuse of conflict. Most organizations are terrified of conflict, seeing it as a sign of trouble. But conflict isn't the problem, says Regier. It's all about how we use the energy. When people misuse conflict energy, it becomes drama: they struggle against themselves or each other to feel justified about their negative behavior. The cost to companies, teams, and relationships is staggering. The alternative, says Regier, is compassionate accountability: struggling with others through conflict. Discover the Compassion Cycle, an elegant model for balancing empathy, care, and transparency with boundaries, goals, and standards. Provocative, illuminating, and highly practical, this book helps us avoid the casualties of conflict through openness, resourcefulness, and persistence.

About the Author

Nate Regier, PhD, is the CEO and cofounder of Next Element, a global training advisory firm specializing in leadership communication and building cultures of Compassionate Accountability. He is a former practicing psychologist and holds a doctorate in clinical psycholo

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