Conscious Breathing in Everyday Life

Conscious Breathing in Everyday Life

By Joy Manné

Our breath is our state of consciousness. How we breathe and what we feel are related. How we breathe and how we live are related. Through explanation, case history and exercises this puts you in touch with your breath. It teaches awareness through breathing


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Book Information

Publisher: Joy Manne
Publish Date: 10/18/2019
Pages: 106
ISBN-13: 9782970109273
ISBN-10: 2970109271
Language: English

Full Description

We are breathing beings. From our birth to our death, our life is defined by our breathing. When our breath stops, so does our life. And yet, how many of us know anything about our breath?

Our breath does much more than keep us alive. How we breathe and what we feel are related. How we breathe and how we live are related. Our breathing affects our state of consciousness. Our health too, both mental and physical, is influenced by and influences our breathing.

Breathing is not only a passive, automatic, physical function like digestion or metabolism. We can control our breathing with our mind. With very little training, we can do Conscious Breathing. With training and discipline, we can use our Conscious Breathing for our personal and spiritual development.

About the Author

Joy Manné is a teacher of relationships. Sh has a BSc in Psychology and a PhD in the Buddhist Psychology of the Theravada Canon. She was trained by Hans Mensink and Tilke Platteel-Deur in Spiritual Therapy.

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