Dancing with Sophia: Integral Philosophy on the Verge

Dancing with Sophia: Integral Philosophy on the Verge


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Explores the philosophical dimensions and implications of integral theory.


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Publisher: State University of New York Press
Publish Date: 11/01/2019
Pages: 522
ISBN-13: 9781438476544
ISBN-10: 143847654X
Language: English

Full Description

Michael Schwartz is Professor of Art History and Humanities at Augusta University. He is coeditor (with Jason M. Wirth and David Jones) of On the True Sense of Art: A Critical Companion to the Transfigurements of John Sallis and The Gift of Logos: Essays in Continental Philosophy. Sean Esbjörn-Hargens is the founder of MetaIntegral, a social enterprise company dedicated to the professional application of integral principles. He is coeditor (with Jonathan Reams and Olen Gunnlaugson) of Integral Education: New Directions for Higher Learning and editor of Integral Theory in Action: Applied, Theoretical, and Constructive Perspectives on the AQAL Model, both published by SUNY Press.

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