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End of Average: How We Succeed in a World That Values Sameness

Todd Rose

"Weaving science, history, and his experiences as a high school dropout, Rose brings to life the untold story of how we came to embrace the scientifically flawed idea that averages can be used to understand individuals and offers a powerful alternative: the three principles of individuality"--


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Book Information

Publisher: HarperOne
Publish Date: 01/01/1900
Pages: 256
ISBN-13: 9780062358363
ISBN-10: 0062358367
Language: English

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December 21, 2016

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November 01, 2016

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January 28, 2016

Todd Rose offers up a book to help us put an end to average in our own thinking, in the businesses we operate, and the society we live in. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Full Description

No one wants to be average, but according to author Todd Rose there’s nothing to worry about – average doesn’t exist. Yet society at almost every level is designed around the idea that there is some vast middle of mediocrity; it shouldn’t be. That critical insight is the premise for Rose’s book, The End of Average, which lays out the mathematical flaws in the idea of average and offers three principles of individuality that can lead to a better, more satisfying life.

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