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Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

Larry Bossidy, Ram Charan

A legendary CEO and a top consultant team up on the biggest problem in business today: delivering results. Perhaps the most timely business book ever, "Execution" details the ideas Larry Bossidy is putting in place right now as he works to turn around the struggling Honeywell International. Charts.


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Book Information

Publisher: Currency
Publish Date: 06/04/2002
Pages: 320
ISBN-13: 9780609610572
ISBN-10: 0609610570
Language: English

What We're Saying

July 13, 2007

"Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done" by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan, CrownBusiness, 260 Pages, $27. 50 Hardcover, July 2002, ISBN 9780609610572 Note: This review was first published in 2002. In a recent conversation with an editor at a major publishing house, I shared my belief that Execution is still one of the best books on strategy and execution. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

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May 13, 2008

The Game-Changer: How You Can Drive Revenue and Profit Growth with Innovation by A. G. Lafley and Ram Charan, Crown Business, 336 pages, $27. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

May 18, 2007

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January 11, 2007

Mea culpa: I am one of the pod people, an invadee of the body snatchers, when it comes to the mass hysteria surrounding the iPhone. To me this is not a story about an insanely great $500 cel phone cum music player; Jobs’s landmark keynote signaled an event of huge business consequence. More than a shiny new toy, more than the buzziest product of the decade, more than a business tool with ginormous cultural cachet; this iPhone blows me away in the following ways. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

October 08, 2007

Last week, The Wall Street Journal announced their Top Small Workplaces 2007 winners. The Journal asked the folks who run those places what books they would recommend to others trying to create first-class workplaces. Here the alphabetical list of their selections. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

November 30, 2007

Today we're pleased to feature an essay from Ram Charan, author of Leaders at all Levels. Here, Charan discusses the impact profit and loss has on the balance sheet and overall health of an organization, especially when a leader is in tune with those numbers. An intuitive feel for business is evident in good leaders, whether seasoned or rookie, and it is the ability to harness that acumen that makes the difference, especially when it comes to adding value to the organization or when promotion opportunities are at hand. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

January 05, 2009

According to Ram Charam and Larry Bossidy's book Execution, the leader's seven essential behaviors are: Know your people and your business Insist on realism Set clear goals and priorities Follow through Reward the doers Expand people's capabilities Know yourself. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

Full Description

The book that shows how to get the job done and deliver results . . . whether you're running an entire company or in your first management job Larry Bossidy is one of the world's most acclaimed CEOs, a man with few peers who has a track record for delivering results. Ram Charan is a legendary advisor to senior executives and boards of directors, a man with unparalleled insight into why some companies are successful and others are not. Together they've pooled their knowledge and experience into the one book on how to close the gap between results promised and results delivered that people in business need today. After a long, stellar career with General Electric, Larry Bossidy transformed AlliedSignal into one of the world's most admired companies and was named CEO of the year in 1998 by Chief Executive magazine. Accomplishments such as 31 consecutive quarters of earnings-per-share growth of 13 percent or more didn't just happen; they resulted from the consistent practice of the discipline of execution: understanding how to link together people, strategy, and operations, the three core processes of every business. Leading these processes is the real job of running a business, not formulating a "vision" and leaving the work of carrying it out to others. Bossidy and Charan show the importance of being deeply and passionately engaged in an organization and why robust dialogues about people, strategy, and operations result in a business based on intellectual honesty and realism. The leader's most important job--selecting and appraising people--is one that should never be delegated. As a CEO, Larry Bossidy personally makes the calls to check references for key hires. Why? With the right people in the right jobs, there's a leadership gene pool that conceives and selects strategies that can be executed. People then work together to create a strategy building block by building block, a strategy in sync with the realities of the marketplace, the economy, and the competition. Once the right people and strategy are in place, they are then linked to an operating process that results in the implementation of specific programs and actions and that assigns accountability. This kind of effective operating process goes way beyond the typical budget exercise that looks into a rearview mirror to set its goals. It puts reality behind the numbers and is where the rubber meets the road. Putting an execution culture in place is hard, but losing it is easy. In July 2001 Larry Bossidy was asked by the board of directors of Honeywell International (it had merged with AlliedSignal) to return and get the company back on track. He's been putting the ideas he writes about in Execution to work in real time.

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