Full Contact Performance: The Internal Art of Organizational Collaboration

Full Contact Performance: The Internal Art of Organizational Collaboration

By Grayson James

Every company depends on it. Yet great collaboration is still elusive in most organizations. Why? And more importantly, what can you do about it?


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Book Information

Publisher: Business Books
Publish Date: 09/01/2023
Pages: 360
ISBN-13: 9781803412511
ISBN-10: 1803412518
Language: English

Full Description

'This book is a gift to organizations, showing their employees how to achieve win-win-win solutions by being their better selves, being better collaborators and still helping the bottom line. James is a deep thinker with a sophisticated understanding of human nature. A masterpiece!' Russell Lemle, Former Chief Psychologist, San Francisco VA Health Care System

Most of us believe that good collaboration depends upon how cooperative our colleagues are. That's a costly mistake, says Grayson James, international collaborative performance consultant, leadership coach, and 6th degree black belt in Aikido. Integrating understandings from organizational leadership, psychology, language action theory, martial arts, and other mind-body disciplines, James gives us an eye-opening view of what really happens when organizational collaboration goes well, and what to do when it doesn't. Through personal insights and stories, this book brings to life the five principles and the three key conversations that enable us to make Full Contact with our colleagues. And the simple practices provided help us recognize the action inherent in every word we speak, the role our body plays, and how our attention determines the success of our collaborative performance. James shows that we ourselves are always where the real action is whenever we're trying to get things done with other people. This is great news, because it means we each have the power to transform our collaborative performance, regardless of our circumstances, no matter who we're working with.

About the Author

Grayson James has been helping executives, boards and senior management teams improve their collaborative business performance for over 30 years.

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