Greed of a Dime: The Compelling Story of an Inventor, His Dream His Destiny (Revised Soft Cover)

The Greed of a Dime: The Compelling Story of an Inventor, His Dream His Destiny (Revised Soft Cover)

By Stephen E Moor

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The incredible journey of a starry-eyed backyard inventor who began his journey by selling a Fortune-38 Company a billion dollar idea over the telephone on a cold call. As he traveled deep inside the behemoth, it would become all to apparent that the monstrous Company was turning rouge and he wasn't in a position to stop them from eating him alive.


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Book Information

Publisher: World Class Inventors
Publish Date: 02/15/2020
Pages: 416
ISBN-13: 9780692095041
ISBN-10: 0692095047
Language: English

Full Description

Rarely, has there ever been an insider's account as graphic as The Greed of a Dime.

Hard hitting... gut wrenching... can only begin to describe this mind-boggling trip inside the high stakes journey of this back-yard inventor. From getting past the front door, to the incredible showdown with one of America's high-profile CEO's, this true story will transport you deep inside the inner workings of Honeywell International and its once mighty, Automotive empire.

As a young man, he drove tractor trailer rigs over-the-road. After coming off the road, he'd go on to develop a disruptive billion-dollar technology in his garage. Today, he is the most cited inventor in the field of oil filtration.

As a college educated truck driver, his products appeared for over a decade on the shelves of Walmart and many of the major automotive retailers. According to the author, "For those individuals who want to compete at this level of play, the odds of developing a product worthy of gracing these shelves are astronomical, about the same as winning the lottery."

What had started out with so much expectant joy, quickly morphed into a Nantucket sleighride of hellacious proportions. The gauntlet he would endure while licensing his patent to this Fortune 38 Company didn't turn out to be the American dream that he'd been chasing. Instead, he would quit his job and mortgage his home in order to sue Honeywell in Federal Court over the theft of his Intellectual Property. And he would do so all by himself.

Now, as only he can..., the wraps will be torn off the inventing game as it pertains to the process of licensing valuable ideas. The open secret of how powerful corporations routinely play their nasty games with small inventors are finally going to be exposed for what it is.

Truly, a firsthand look at how the transfer of technology and wealth happens at the top of the corporate food chain.


About the Author

Stephen Moor is a world class inventor with over 20 years' of experience. He started out as a backyard inventor and a total industry outsider. At the time that the invention struck, he was a college educated over-the-road truck driver in his mid-twenties who owned and operated his own tractor-trailer rigs.

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